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Fall in love with Rocky & Pennie - Sydney

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

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City: Sydney, New South Wales
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Contact name Gia
Phone 0404506201

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We have two gorgeous Red Point Himalayan Persians, 3 year old brother and sister, whom are desperately looking for a new family to love them.
Rocky and Pennie are completely ‘doctor-fied’ with current shots/micro chipped and paperwork to prove they are healthy babies. They require grooming which is imperative to their health. They are not an animal you can leave without much care. If you do not know anything about this breed, you must research it before you decide to love them. The photo attached is recent and also while they have a full winter coat. During the summer months they need to be groomed so they have no fur, as their coat is very warm and uncomfortable.
They must be housed together as they wouldn't survive without one another because they are very close and very reliant upon one another. They require a stable long term home, preferably one where you are settled and not planning on moving in your near future. They become very attached, so if you feel you may not be around for long then we are afraid you will not deserve our babies. We are looking for someone to love them for the rest of their lives and not another change of ownership.
We will be very selective with their new owners. We are looking for a couple preferably who do not have young children, as they love the peace and quiet and are quite frightened of screaming frantic young ones. In saying this though, they have a brother and sister (two young children) which they took awhile to get used to but now they love their attention. So if you do have children it is best they are at an age and maturity that understands how to treat animals and not torment them. We have been very over-protective with them and given them a relatively quiet household with not a lot of social activity. Because we have sheltered them (a fault of ours), they are not used to people and in particular men, so they do take awhile to warm up to strangers. If you are gentle and they learn to trust you, they will love you unconditionally and shower you with affection!
RnP are strictly indoor cats, and have not ventured outdoor too often. Although they do love fresh air and the breeze on their cute little flat noses. They love a balcony, one out of reach from traffic of any kind. You will often find them sucking air through a window, or staring outside the window as they love action, but they just don’t like to be a part of the action. In saying this though, they will try to sneak outside your front door and if you let them wander off, they won’t stray very far as they like the comfort of home. I guess it is fear of the unknown that brings them running back to your front door in search of mama!
Rocky is the man of the house. He has massive paws with a stocky body that gives a strong presence. He is a typical boy with a curious side that takes him on many naughty adventures and has no fear when it comes to getting dirty, new hiding places and outdoor escapades (only as far as just beyond the front door). He is most comfortable when he is sitting in any mess – piles of paperwork, dirty clothes, piles of stuff! If you are an artist he loves to get messy with arts and crafts and believes he is quite the painter! He makes a great handbag as you will often find him hiding in bags of all shapes and sizes. Even when he can’t squeeze into it, he will find a way to own it and sleep in it and turn it into his new home. He watches you intently, his eyes are deep and mysterious and with one look he will melt your soul. He is a real charmer and can pull out the moves when he wants to, but he also knows how to give you the cold bum if he isn’t happy with you. And you will know when he isn’t happy with you, he will make sure of that. He knows the power of silence.
Pennie is very much a little girl. Fragile and petite yet light and quick on her feet. She is very inquisitive and intuitively knows when you are emotional, when life is tough and can smell change a mile away. She is very adaptable to any environment and to the emotions of the people she loves and although seen as the fragile one, she is also the strongest of the two because she is all female. She loves high perches, as she likes to watch over everyone. She thinks herself as the Princess in her own little kingdom. She is very interactive and expects to be pampered with affection. She demands love, demands cuddles, demands to be noticed and expects to be told she is beautiful. She likes to know she is the only one for your eyes. Yes, as I said, she is all female!
We have spoilt our babies because they deserve to be treated with love. So because we have catered for their every need, they don’t cry very often. It took them a long time to learn how to speak. Their cries are very soft and short in length. They actually don’t cry, they speak to you. They speak to you when they are hungry. They speak to you when one of them is missing. They speak to you when they have had a bad dream. They speak to you when they feel you may be missing a beat for one reason or another. They are both very intuitive and know what is going on even before you do.
Their one major love is that you speak to them. We have done this since they were very tiny babies. We speak to them like adults. We greet them when we come home and speak to them as if they are a part of the family, like one of our own children. We say goodnight to them. We say goodbye to them. We tell them how much we love them. We tell them how much we miss them. We tell them when we are going away and also when coming home so they know when to expect us. We tell them not to be afraid when they run and hide. They have been spoilt, and they absolutely love it when you speak to them or whisper sweet nothings in their ear. NO they are not like your usual pets, we have treated them as our own.
We need to find a loving home as soon as possible so please do get in touch if you are interested in falling in love with our babies. They really are something special and will only suit someone equally as special.