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Friday, 3 October 2014

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City: Sydney, New South Wales
Offer type: Offer


Contact name Ivan Brbot
Phone 0418 256 435

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Sydney Container Hire provides a wide selection of site storage solutions including shipping containers and a variety of other storage solutions.

Site storage solutions such as shipping containers come in full 6.0x2.4 metre and 3.0x2.4 half container sizes all with lock covers and can come with shelving already installed if required.

Smaller site tool security boxes with lock covers come in a variety of sizes. Where required tool boxes come with craneable lifting lugs all with current engineering certification.

In addition to site shipping container storage solutions, we also provide other site storage solutions for liquids, flammable goods and gas bottle storage.

Liquid site storage solutions include dangerous flammable goods cupboards and containers for 44 gallon drums. Other cabinets come with shelves for paint and standard jerry can storage. Half container 3.0x2.4 flammable goods containers complete with floor bunds are also available for hire where a larger flammable goods storage facility is required.

Liquid storage tanks for water from 1000 litre to 2000 litre capacity can be provided with or without pumps and can come ready for use on registered trailers. Fuel storage and transportation such as craneable diesel tanks with engineering certification complete with EPA required fuel bunds are also available.

Gas storage solutions for oxy acetylene and LPG gas bottles come in standard lockable storage cages with and without wheels. Craneable gas and oxy cages are often required on construction sites and come complete with a current engineer’s certificate.

In addition to the site container and cage storage solutions we also have available for hire a large selection of portable site accommodation, transportable buildings, bowser hire, cage oxy, cage oxy hire, Container hire, crane large lifting, craneable lifting cage hire, dangerous container storage, dangerous container storage hire, dangerous goods, dangerous goods hire, diesel tank, diesel tank hire, drinking water bowser hire, flammable goods, flammable goods cabinet, flammable goods cabinet hire, flammable goods hire, fuel bund, fuel bund hire, fuel tank, fuel tank bund, fuel tank bund hire, fuel tank hire, gas bottle storage, gas bottle storage hire, gas cage, gas cage hire, gas oxy cage, gas oxy cage hire, gas storage lifting cage, gas storage lifting cage hire, hire water pump, LPG gas cage, LPG gas cage hire, oxy cage, oxy cage hire, pumps for hire, security tool box, security tool box hire, settlement tank hire, site tool box, site tool box hire, Sydney Cafe Hire, Sydney Container Hire, tank for hire, tank hire, tank water, tank water hire, tanker hire, tanks for hire, Toolbox store safe, Toolbox store safe hire, water bowser hire, water bowsers for hire, water cart hire, water hire, water pump hire, water pumps for hire, water tank, water tank hire, water tanker hire, water tankers for hire, water tanks for hire, water trailer hire, water truck hire, water trucks for hire and site sheds.

These include Mess Lunch sheds, Site Office sheds, Change Sheds, First Aid sheds, Ablution sheds and Direct Connect Toilets.

In addition to site shipping container storage solutions, we also provide other site storage solutions for liquids, flammable goods and gas bottle storage.

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